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Hey, I'm a very experienced music producer, from Nashville TN. Besides producing albums and singles I also love producing birthday/wedding (and all other festive, happy, uplifting or funny) songs in all scales.
It could be a cappella only (a choir of people singing whatever song and style you choose, no instruments, but a lot of harmonies), could be an original song you wrote or a cover.
It could also be your lyrics with my music.
You could sing it yourself (I can practice it with you) with backing vocals sung by others, or have all the vocals be sing by others. It's the thought that counts :)
You just tell me your vision and I'll help you bring it to life, using singers/players. I guarantee you It's gonna be memorable funny (if applicable) and touching.
Talk with me for details and let's create this present that lasts forever (or untill you lose it, but I keep copies of everything I've ever done, so I got you covered).
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